Maker, Writer, Process Thinker, Fixer: Product Manager

These are the ways I go about solving problems, involving Kinesthetic, Audio, and Visual ways of learning. I really like building and harmonizing things.

Trained in innovation design and communication, I'd be a strong addition to your Product Management team.

I'm particularly interested in working on collaborative projects that focus on a real-world problem (that is, not only SaaS and digital platforms) to come up with efficient and novel pathways to solve it.

Things I can do

Choosing a narrow band of managerial/technical skills, I'd say the greatest value comes from:

  • Listening for the problem and create appropriate messaging to support people in solving the problem their way

  • Analyzing the root of why a complex problem occurs, in order to address it or reduce its repetition or magnitude

  • Breaking down work into its components and selecting a method

  • Keeping track of budgets and timelines, as a project or product manager would

  • Considering alternative perspectives and scenarios

  • Cutting the cruft and simplifying

  • Maintaining a positive and cheerful disposition while looking reality in the eye

Some things I've done

Projectica (the purple star logo)- an ongoing sporadic set of projects that have to do with helping people build their capacity for personal and collaborative projects. I built everything here, and it's on its second iteration.

Big City, Little Homestead - how everyday regular homeowners and property owners and landscape professionals can help bring about #theworldweneed, saving biodiversity and mitigating local climate change.

The two profile pics lead to two collections of my publicly-viewable writing.

In my former career, I was a technical writer – so it's familiar for me have one foot solidly in the tech world while maintaining more analog interests. Writing is not the focus of what I do – it's a skill borne out of the necessity of communication, and the pleasure of reading. I get the most satisfaction in helping others fix their writing so others would want to pay attention.

I'm also financially savvy and I'm trained in accounting and finance, management consulting, and innovation and design processes. I need to be part of a front-facing cross-functional team.

Things that interest me (both professional and not)

  • Applied artistic techniques, whether traditional/artisanal or innovative

  • Economics

  • Conservation, sustainability, and resiliency

  • Effective altruism, social investment and impact funds

  • Landscapes, gardening, and agriculture

  • Astronomy

  • Birds and mammals and, frankly, all animals

  • Innovation upstarts and competitions

  • Books and reading

  • Simple cooking

Where you can find me

Most of the time you can find me in Montreal, but digital nomadship and relocation is in my near future. I love to travel and I make a home of wherever I go.

You can find me at the email and social accounts below: