maker, writer, controller, introvert

I really like building and harmonizing things, and I especially like taking things away. I like immersing myself in a problem and I usually come up with unconventional but effective recommendations.

Trained in innovation design and communication, I'd be a strong addition to your Product Management team. I'm particularly interested in working on projects that focus on a real-world problem (that is physical/material, not only SaaS and digital platforms) to come up with efficient and novel pathways to solve it.

I'm also really knowledgeable about sustainability. This isn't a puffery tacked on to try to signal virtue. This is a committed interest for which I haven't yet been rewarded by the marketplace, which is a crying shame.

Things I can do

Choosing a narrow band of managerial/technical skills, I'd say the greatest value comes from:

  • Listening for the problem and create appropriate messaging to support people in solving the problem their way

  • Analyzing the root of why a complex problem occurs, in order to address it or reduce its repetition or magnitude

  • Breaking down work into its components and selecting a method

  • Keeping track of budgets and timelines, as a project or product manager would

  • Considering alternative perspectives and scenarios

  • Cutting the cruft and simplifying

  • Maintaining a positive and cheerful disposition while looking reality in the eye

Some things I've done

To practice design processes and learn online marketing from a product perspective, I wrote a practical life-planning workbook that took a big chunk out of the ponderous collection of such advice, along with a monthly agenda series. These are no longer available but you can see what content remains at Projectica.

I sometimes (OK, rarely now) blog at Big City Litle Homestead on DIY projects that everyday regular homeowners, property owners, landscape professionals can help bring about #theworldweneed, to save biodiversity and mitigate local climate change.

In a previous life, I was a technical writer – so it's familiar for me to have one foot solidly in the tech world. The base knowledge and skills don't evaporate. Writing isn't the focus of what I do – it's a skill borne out of the necessity of communication, and the pleasure of reading. I get the most satisfaction in substantive edits and revision – helping others fix their writing so others would want to pay attention.

I'm also financially savvy – trained and experienced in accounting, finance and investments.

Things that interest me (both professional and not)

  • Innovation and design

  • Organization (as a verb)

  • Applied artistic techniques, whether traditional/artisanal or innovative

  • Economics

  • Conservation, sustainability, and resiliency

  • Effective altruism, social investment and impact funds

  • Landscapes, gardening, and agriculture

  • Astronomy

  • Birds, whales, and, frankly, all animals

  • Books, reading, and writing

  • Simple cooking

Where you can find me

Most of the time you can find me in Montreal, but relocation is in my near future. I love to travel – especially by train and boat – and I make a home of wherever I go.

You can find me at the email list and social accounts below: